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BE Bearings

BE High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S65

BE High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S65

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Crafted by Mahle to BE's precise specifications, in collaboration with industry professionals from NASCAR, Indy Car, and BMW M-Division Engine Design.

Each BE Bearings product is meticulously calibrated and made into sets, ensuring YOU receive bearing sets with uniform clearances and quality. The global research and data speak volumes - BE consistently emerges as the best choice for your BMW Engine.

- Applicable for BMW engines S65
- Standard clearance (+0.001's also available)
- Sold as complete set (8-cylinders)
- Includes ARP Connecting Rod Bolt Set Designed by BE

The V2 BE Bearings have a new look. The original Calico PTFE coating is gone, and replaced. The original bearing was a standard Clevite Tri-Metal "H" series design. The new bearing is still tri-metal, but is an "F" series design. The F Series is coated with Silver Oxide, instead of the Calico PTFE. The F series shell design can handle 30% more load, and the Silver Oxide coating is better in low oil and boundary conditions than the Calico PTFE. This means your engine will have a stronger bearing for higher horsepower that will withstand low oil and clearance abuses even better than our previous design. This is the same bearing design used by Dodge in the Hellcat engines, and BE Bearings is the first (and only) aftermarket manufacturer who has it. This updated bearing spent two years in development.

These BE Bearings feature a state-of-the-art Clevite design with the Clevite silver oxide

BE Bearing Features:

- Engineered to withstand higher torque loads (higher horsepower loads). Silver oxide handles 30% more load capacity
- Stronger backing material
- Better embeddability
- Better at low-oil boundary conditions
- Designed for start-stop engines (2010.5 and later)
- Better anti-seizure resistance
- Designed with extra clearance to "fix" the BMW rod bearing design flaw
- Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils
- Standard Size

About BE Measurement Marks:

You may notice BE Bearings have a slight mark on the surface. This is not a manufacturer defect, but rather a part of the Quality Control process at BE.

Every BE Bearing is hand measured. The measurement process uses a data logging Mitutoyo drop indicator with a rounded roller bearing tip (P/N: 543-562ACAL).

The roller bearing tip is like a wheel that rolls over the surface of the bearing while it measures the bearing thickness. This process leaves a visible mark on the surface of the bearing. The marks left by this process are totally harmless, and you will never be able to feel them with your fingers or measure them with a measuring device.  

During the measuring process, after they are measured, each shell is sorted and placed in bins according to every 0.00005 inch difference. The measuring, sorting, and binning allows us to take advantage of the normal distribution curve of bearing thicknesses to create perfectly matched sets of bearings for each customer.

Once the bearings are sorted and binned, they are then used to create matched sets. All bearings measured with the new Mahr air gauge will not have marks on them.

Rod Bolt Installation Instructions: 

1. Make sure that there is an adequate chamfer around the bolt hole on the connecting rod bolt hole on the connecting rod cap to clear the radius under the head of the bolt.
2. Use ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant to lubricate the threads of the bolt and the under head of the bolt. Then install the bolts and tighten them hand tight.
3. ARP Recommends using the STRETCH METHOD when tightening rod bolts. Following the instructions for using a stretch gauge, stretch the bolts to .0075 - .0080
4. If you do not have a stretch gauge, torque the bolts to 60 ft-lbs using ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant.
5. The connecting Rods should always be re-sized after new rod bolts are installed
6. A log should be kept on the original non-torqued length of each bolt. Bolts that have any permanent deformation or have increased in non-torqued length by more than .001 inch should be replaced.


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