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CAT Cams

CAT Cams DLC Follower, BMW S54

CAT Cams DLC Follower, BMW S54

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BMW S54 Engine. Sold Per Single Follower. 24 Needed Per Engine. 

Utilize High-Lift Performance: When you're pushing the boundaries of speed and power, every component matters. CAT Cams DLC CAM Followers are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of high-lift performance cams. These followers are your solution to combating the intense friction forces that come with aggressive camshaft profiles, ensuring your engine operates flawlessly.

Mastering Friction, Maximizing Lubrication: The sliding face of a follower endures substantial friction, especially under the pressure of high lift cams. CAT Cams DLC Followers for BMW S54 engines are designed with a clear focus on minimizing sliding friction, while still retaining the vital lubrication necessary for both the running-in period and high RPM use. The result? An engine that performs optimally and consistently, every time.

DLC: Your Ultimate Performance Solution: Diamond Like Coating offers an innovative answer to the challenges of high lift performance cams. It reduces friction to a minimum, enhancing the endurance of your cam followers and allowing them to thrive under the demanding conditions of racing.

Precision Craftsmanship and Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, CAT Cams DLC Camshaft Followers are specifically designed for the BMW S54 Engine. these followers provide a reliable solution that's built to last, even in the most demanding racing environments.



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