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ARP Head Stud Kit, BMW N63

ARP Head Stud Kit, BMW N63

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Upgrade the performance of your BMW N63 engine with our ARP Head Stud Kits, specifically designed for the turbocharged V-8 N63 engine.

As you increase the power output of your engine beyond its factory specifications, the head and block may start to separate, causing factory bolts to stretch and fail. Our ARP Head Studs are designed to be stronger than factory bolts, ensuring your race engine stays together even under extreme conditions.

Our Custom Age 625+ kit is made from a material with a tensile strength of 260 ksi, substantially higher than the 190 ksi of the ARP 2000 head stud. It's an ideal choice for individuals who want to push the limits of their N63 builds.

Please note: After initial assembly, it is necessary to allow the engine to complete a full heat cycle, then re-torque your head studs to spec. This means allowing the engine to warm up to its normal operating temperature, remain at operating temperature for several minutes to ensure each component is uniformly heated, then turned off and cooled completely to ambient temperature.


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