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ARP Girdle Bolt Set, BMW / Toyota B58

ARP Girdle Bolt Set, BMW / Toyota B58

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ARP Girdle Bolts for BMW & Toyota B58 Engines

Girdle bolts are used to secure the engine girdle, a component that reinforces the bottom end of an engine via the main bearing caps. The girdle ties the main bearing caps together and often the entire bottom of the block, adding structural rigidity and preventing the block from flexing under high loads.

As horsepower and torque increase, it is important to use hardware that will adapt to the increased temperatures and demands of performance builds. While stock bolts fail under pressure, ARP bolts are designed with performance in mind. Composed of superior materials that resist stretching and fatigue, ARP Girdle Bolts offer much greater tensile strength and lifelong durability than stock. 

Precision-manufactured with tight tolerances and stringent quality control, ARP bolts offer consistent performance and reliable clamping force, maintaining the alignment of your main bearings and preventing crankshaft movement. Their enhanced corrosion and heat resistance make ARP Girdle Bolts ideal for demanding conditions, ensuring your engine remains secure and stable.

Set of 20 Girdle Bolts


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