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AiM Sports

AiM Sports PDM32

AiM Sports PDM32

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Power Distribution Module

The AiM PDM32 is a 32-channel advanced power distribution module that powers multiple vehicle circuits, eliminating the need for traditional fuse boxes and relays. This module allows for a simplified wiring harness with enhanced reliability and control functions. 

PDM32 Power Outputs

The AiM PDM32 features 28 high-sided outputs and four half-bridge outputs: 4 rated up to 20A (high power), 12 rated up to 15A (mid-power), 12 rated up to 10A (low power), and 4 rated up to 35A (half-bridge), with a total continuous maximum current of 120A.

Each output provides feedback to the data logger, delivering crucial information such as open circuits, short circuits, high/low voltage, the number of fault retries, and user-definable time between retries. All outputs can be configured as PWMs for a soft start/stop. The PDM circuits can be set up and monitored via Race Studio 3 software.

PDM32 Inputs

The AiM PDM32 features 8 analog/digital inputs, 4 digital-only inputs, and 2 speed inputs.

PDM32 Data Management 

The AiM PDM32 can receive and record data from various sources, including:

  • ECU: Over 1000 protocols available
  • Digital/analog inputs
  • Internal nine-axis EMU
  • GPS: Lap time and position
  • Expansion modules
  • Push buttons: From RIO02 (Remote Input Output module) or any commercial CAN keypad
  • PDM outputs: Currents and status of each channel individually
  • Other user-defined math channels


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