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5150 AutoSport

5150 AutoSport High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S65

5150 AutoSport High Performance Rod Bearing Kit, BMW S65

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The comprehensive solution for replacing factory BMW Rod Bearing shells Part #11217841609, 11217841610, 11217841611, 11217841613, 11217841614, and 11217841615 and rod bolts #11247834522 : the all-inclusive 5150 AutoSport High Performance Rod Being kit provided everything you need to replace connecting rod bearing shells and connecting rod bolts in a single package.

Kit Contents:
- Calico-Coated Rod Bearings
- ARP Connecting Rod Bolts
- ARP Assembly Lubricant

These kits offer Calico-coated anti-friction bearings that guarantee consistent and dependable lubrication, even when subjected to the rigorous demands of high-performance engine applications. This makes our bearings an optimal choice not only for high-performance and race engines, but also for everyday commuters and street vehicles.

Proper lubrication and effective coating ensures the safety of these bearings during cold starts, preventing catastrophic failures, such as spun rod bearings, which are a common ailment among BMW engines using standard OEM bearings.

Beyond their friction-reducing qualities, these coated bearings are also equipped with remarkable thermal resistance properties. These attributes not only make them excel in high horsepower scenarios like forced induction or racing applications, but they also serve as a safeguard against abrupt engine failure in instances of oil pressure loss.

The proven track record of the 5150 bearings speaks for itself, having demonstrated exceptional longevity and superior performance compared to other bearings available in the market.

Tech Notes:
- Just as with any bearings, it's crucial to verify tolerances and dimensions prior to installation.
- Given the specialized tools necessary, we strongly recommend seeking professional installation.
- There are no returns available on any engine bearings.


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