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CAT Cams Camshaft Set, Porsche 944 S2

CAT Cams Camshaft Set, Porsche 944 S2

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Elevate your Porsche 944 S2 DOHC engine performance with CAT Cams Camshafts. Designed for the iconic 944 S2 3L inline-four engine, CAT Cams brings together the best of engineering excellence and the exceptional attributes of this beloved powerplant.

CAT Cams offers a generous range of camshaft grinds meticulously engineered to suit various applications. Whether you're a street car enthusiast looking for a mild upgrade to enhance pleasure driving or a track car aficionado seeking a wilder profile for thrilling performance, CAT Cams has the perfect camshaft solution for you.

The Porsche 944 S2 boasted a naturally aspirated 3L inline-four engine manufactured from 1989 to 1991. This engine was a part of Porsche's M44 series and features dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and a 16-valve cylinder head. The 944 S2 offered many improvements and enhancements over the standard Porsche 944. Some of these improvements included greater power and torque output for higher top speed and quicker acceleration. Like the standard 944, the 944 S2 retained transaxle configuration, with the transmission located at the rear of the car, for balanced weight distribution and greater handling.

Unlock more power from your classic Porsche engine and experience the exhilaration of improved throttle response and broader power band. CAT Cams' precision-crafted camshafts are designed to deliver optimal power gains and enhance your engine's performance across the RPM range.

From the winding roads of city streets to the challenging twists and turns of the racetrack, CAT Cams camshafts will elevate your Porsche 944 S2's capabilities, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability. Trust in CAT Cams' years of expertise and their commitment to quality to take your classic Porsche to new performance levels.


Choosing the Right Cams for your Application:


 Duration @ 0.1mm  Valve Lift  Application
 265° Intake / 262° Exhaust   11.00 mm Intake / 9.80 mm Exhaust   OEM


 Duration @ 0.1mm  Valve Lift  Application Tappets
 267° Intake / 263° Exhaust   11.20 mm Intake / 10.30 mm Exhaust   Sport  Hydraulic Tappets
 283° Intake / 272° Exhaust   11.55 mm Intake / 11.00 mm Exhaust   Hot Street  Hydraulic Tappets
 290° Intake / 283° Exhaust   12.00 mm Intake / 11.55 mm Exhaust   Rally / Race  Hydraulic Tappets
 292° Intake / 279° Exhaust   12.45 mm Intake / 12.00 mm Exhaust   Rally / Race  Mechanical Tappets
 299° Intake / 292° Exhaust   13.25 mm Intake / 12.45 mm Exhaust   Rally / Race  Mechanical Tappets
 303° Intake / 293° Exhaust   13.45 mm Intake / 12.75 mm Exhaust   Rally / Race  Mechanical Tappets


For optimal performance and reliability, 5150 strongly advises replacing your valve springs with your camshafts, even with mild camshaft upgrades. This essential step acts as a preventive measure against potential piston-to-valve contact during instances of over-revving or mis-shifts. By taking this proactive approach, we prioritize your engine's well-being and ensure that you experience the highest levels of performance without compromising on reliability.

Please note that these are custom-made cams and require a minimum 4-6 weeks for production.

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