Ahmad Daham's Fully Built MKV Supra

Ahmad Daham's Fully Built MKV Supra



Ahmed Daham's Fully-Built, B58 Powered MKV Supra

The first Toyota A90 Supra Pro-Drift Car in the Middle East. Built in collaboration with Ahmed Daham and NMK Performance, this B58-Powerplant features carefully selected and matched internals and accessories, including:

- ARP 625+ Head Stud Kit 
- CP-Carrillo Pro Xtreme Pistons
- CP-Carrillo HD Pins
- CP-Carrillo Pro Xtreme Rods
- Kelford Cams Camshaft Set
- Kelford Cams Valve Spring Kit
- Link Voodoo ECU
- 5150 High performance Main Bearings, coated by Calico
- 5150 High Performance Rod Bearings, coated by Calico
- ATI Racing Harmonic Balancer
- Radium Engineering Fuel Cell
- Tuned by NMK Performance


Watch the Build Release:

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