How to Read Schrick Part Numbers

How to Read Schrick Part Numbers

Identifying a Schrick camshaft is easy thanks to their part numbering method, which has been consistent throughout the history of the company. 

The first three digits show the project number and relate to the vehicle and engine.

The second two digits represent the camshaft application inside of the engine:

E1 = 'Einlass' or Intake
A1 = 'Auslass' or Exhaust
01 = Only one camshaft for intake and exhaust
D1 = Camshaft can be used for either intake or exhaust

The third three digits define the cam timing and valve clearance compensation:

First two digits:

0-39 = 3XX°
40-99 = 2XX°

Third digit:

1 = Hydraulic Valve Clearance Compensation
0 = Mechanical Valve Clearance Compensation

The fourth two digits identify the cam position, facing the flywheel, and version number

R = Right cylinder bank
L = Left cylinder bank
LR = Can be used on either cylinder bank
The final digit is the version number, which will count up

The digits on the bottom line represent the date of production, which is a cryptic number.

Using the above information to identify this camshaft: 

BMW S65, intake camshaft, 284°, hydraulic valve clearance compensation, right cylinder bank, first release of this version of the camshaft, manufactured in week 14, in 2009




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