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5150 AutoSport

5150 AutoSport Pro-Series 1500 Turbo Build Kit, BMW S55

5150 AutoSport Pro-Series 1500 Turbo Build Kit, BMW S55

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The 5150 AutoSport Pro-Series 1500 Turbo Build Kit: An all-inclusive arsenal of internals meticulously tailored to prepare your S55 engine for ultra-high horsepower, turbocharged performance. Equipped to handle up to 1600 horsepower, this kit stands as the benchmark for those aspiring for unparalleled dominance.

Crafted to redefine limits, these meticulously selected internals stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence. Elevate your S55 engine into the echelons of raw performance with components that epitomize precision. The 5150 AutoSport Pro-Series 1500 Turbo Build Kit is the embodiment of our Bully Line – a testimony to high performance engine building that fuels the pursuit of unadulterated power.

Kit Contents

- ARP Custom Age 625+ Head Stud Kit
- Cometic MLX Head Gasket
- 5150 Xtreme Duty Cylinder Sleeve Set
- CP x 5150 Pro-Xtreme Forged Piston Set
- Heavy Duty Piston Pins
- Optional: Add Skirt Coating or Dome Coating
- CP-Carrillo x 5150 Pro-Xtreme Forged Connecting Rod Set
- 5150 High Performance Main Bearing Set
- 5150 High Performance Rod Bearing Set

Please Note: All engine modifications should be performed by a qualified professional to ensure a proper and safe installation process and a reliable, optimally performing engine.


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