Fuel Cell Filling

When exchanging the fuelling system in your vehicle from the factory fuel tank to a higher or lower capacity fuel cell, how you refill the system will change. The following terminology refers to refueling, and can help you better understand what configuration will work best for your setup:

Refilling can be done either by Remote Fill or Direct Fill.

Direct Filling utilizes a screw-off cap to pour fuel directly into the fuel cell, shown below.

Photo courtesy of Radium Engineering.

Remote Filling refers to the use of a body-mount fill point connected to the fuel cell fill neck via large diameter fuel-safe hose, shown below.

Photo Courtesy of Radium Engineering.

How the fuel is transferred from the fuel jug to the fuel tank is referred to as Standard Fill or Dry Break

Dry Breaks are useful for quick refueling because it is not necessary to unscrew a cap to access the system, and fuel is worked into the tank with gravitational pressure, making them ideal for competitive environment refilling.

Standard Fill options are convenient for refilling with standard fuel jugs and gas station fuel nozzles. 


Thank you to our friends at Radium Engineering for sharing their expansive engineering knowledge with us!
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