Factory Main Bolts vs. ARP Main Studs: The Importance of Upgrading

Factory Main Bolts vs. ARP Main Studs: The Importance of Upgrading

Upgrading from factory main bolts to ARP Main Studs is a simple, yet greatly beneficial upgrade. ARP Main Studs offer the following benefits: 

Uniform Clamping Force

ARP Main Studs provide a uniform clamping force that OEM bolts cannot. With the improved distribution of pressure across main bearing caps comes better, more precise crank alignment for stability and longevity. 

Improved Block Stability and Rigidity

ARP Main Studs improve block rigidity and therefore stability. This ensures maximum power transfer from the crank to the drivetrain, which in turn ensures: 
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Greater Horsepower
  • Higher Torque Output

Prevent Main Cap Walk

This occurs as main caps shift and move out of position, which can cause crank and engine damage

Reduced Risk of Fastener Stretching

Under high RPM applications and high loads, factory main bolts are prone to stretching and deforming. ARP uses advanced manufacturing techniques and high quality materials for hardware that is much less prone to deformation under load.

Safeguard Engine Block Threads

Because ARP Main Studs have unmatched tensile strength, they are much less likely to deform or strip block threads under high loads. Additionally, ARP’s precision machining and manufacturing ensures that stud threads are both highly accurate and consistent. 

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