NV Performance's World Record G80

NV Performance's World Record G80

Updated June 09, 2024: NV Performance Breaks World Record for Fastest G8X with S58 Hybrid Twin-Turbo Setup with a time of 8.801 Seconds!

The NV Performance G80 M3, @nvperformancesa

Built with the goal of breaking into the 8-Second Barrier in South Africa, 5150-Distributor NV Performance's G80 combines style with performance. Featuring full-street trim, this sleeping dragon broke South African records for both fastest and quickest street G80 M3 for the first time in May 2024, hitting 251 km/h in 9.1 seconds.

In June 2024, the NV team reset their own record with a time of 8.801 seconds, also setting the world record for Fastest G8X Running a Hybrid Twin Turbo setup.


- SuperTech High Performance Valve Spring Kit, BMW S58
- SuperTech High Performance Valve Kit, BMW S58
- Kelford Cams Camshaft Set
- 5150 AutoSport Pro-Series 1500 Turbo Build Kit
    - ARP Custom Age 625+ Head Stud Kit
    - 5150 Xtreme Duty Cylinder Sleeves
    - CP-Carrillo x 5150 Pro-Xtreme Forged Pistons
    - CP Carrillo Xtreme Heavy Duty Pins
    - CP-Carrillo x 5150 Pro-Xtreme Forged Rods
    - 5150 High Performance Main Bearing Set
    - 5150 High Performance Rod Bearing Set
    - ARP Main Stud Kit
- Pure Drivetrain Solutions Stage 3 Gearbox
- RK Autowerks Port Injection Kit, BMW S58
- RK Autowerks Billet Intake Manifold / Charge Air Cooler, BMW S58
- MOTIV ReFlex+ Advanced I/O Integration, BMW S58
- BootMod3
- GTP Tuning

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