NA Forged Engine Rebuild Kits

NA Forged Engine Rebuild Kits

While many of our customers come to us in pursuit of high horsepower, high boost turbo performance, we haven't forgotten the NA crowd. We understand that you love your naturally aspirated BMW and aren't interested in the extra wear and tear of forced induction, power lags, or a crowded engine bay that comes with a turbo build. 

Well, you asked and we listened: For the Naturally Aspirated BMW enthusiasts seeking to bulletproof their internals, we now offer budget-friendly OEM+ rebuild kits

BMW E46 M3 Forged Engine Internals Rebuild Kit

Pictured above is the 5150 AutoSport Factory+ Rebuild Kit for Naturally Aspirated BMW S54 Engines.

The 5150 AutoSport Factory+ Kit includes everything you need to upgrade your rotating assembly, and features the best components on the market for the Naturally Aspirated engine. The best part? No special machining required for installation, as these components are all direct drop-ins for your engine, although substitutions are available upon request.

Browse our complete online catalog or contact our sales team directly for more information.

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