Manley Performance Connecting Rods for BMW

Manley Performance Connecting Rods for BMW

From all-out track prepared monsters to sleeping street bullies, 5150 AutoSport offers the highest quality components available for every build and budget, ensuring you receive the highest quality components your build demands. 

Working closely with industry mainstay Manley Performance, 5150 is proud to offer performance connecting rods for BMW engines. Rated for 1,000HP and 8,500 RPM, these rods offer an affordable solution for those who are ready to turn up the boost on their engine without breaking the bank. 

Manley Performance Connecting Rods for BMW Engines

Engineered for Performance: Rated for 1,000 HP and 8,500 RPM, Manley Performance Connecting Rods combine decades of racing experience with high quality materials and careful manufacturing. 

Founded in 1966, Manley Performance combines decades of performance and racing experience with the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques for dependable components that will stand up to the demands of your street bully build, time and time again.

Manley Performance Connecting Rods for BMW Engines Feature ARP Hardware

Featuring ARP Rod Bolts: Essential for securing connecting rods to the crankshaft, Manley Connecting Rods feature ARP Rod Bolts for exceptional strength, durability, and fatigue resistance.

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