DEKA Performance Transmission Upgrades at 5150 AutoSport

DEKA Clutches & Transmissions; The ULTIMATE Drivetrain Solution for your //M

A powerful engine means nothing when your drivetrain doesn't have the holding capacity to transfer that power to the wheels. That is why an upgraded transmission is an absolutely crucial step in the build process, ensuring the holding power necessary to keep you on the road and track, pull after pull. 

5150 AutoSport is proud to announce that we have teamed up with DEKA Clutches & Transmissions as their BMW distributor, offering high performance transmission upgrades for the ZF 8HP75 and 8HP76 that are up to the challenge of your ultra-high horsepower, heavy duty build.  

DEKA Performance Transmission Builds

Using a no compromise approach, each DEKA performance transmission is hand-assembled in their Florida, USA headquarters. Every DEKA transmission build is the result of careful engineering, analysis, and design. 

For those who are unfamiliar, DEKA Clutches & Transmissions is a DCT pioneer, offering transmission builds rated for 2,000 Nm while maintaining the buttery OEM ride and comfort your BMW deserves. 

Competition Transmission Rebuilds for BMW

Featuring billet steel hubs, DEKA patented frictions and heat treated steels, fresh rings, gaskets, and seals, DEKA transmission quality and performance are unmatched.

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