Copper Cylinder Head Sealing Solutions for M50/M52/S50/S52

Copper Cylinder Head Sealing Solutions for M50/M52/S50/S52

Now Available: The 5150 AutoSport Copper Head Spacer and Copper Head Gasket for BMW M50 / M52 / S50 / S52 Engines

The long wait is finally over; for those who have been struggling to find a sealing solution for their M5X-Family turbocharged engine, we have what you need. Available in a single-sided copper spacer or double sided head gasket, our 5150 Copper sealing solutions provide a greater sealing solution than Multi-Layer Steel or Cut-Ring Head Gaskets alone for those running high boost. 

Copper Head Spacers

Recommended Applications: With Cut-Ring Gaskets, High-Boost Turbo

Copper Head Spacers are designed to be used in combination with Cut-Ring Head Gaskets and provide a more robust seal than MLS or Cut-Ring Gaskets alone in boosted applications. Think of the spacer as an add-on for the Cut-Ring Gasket, further lowering compression and enhancing gasket sealing capabilities under high boost and high cylinder pressure applications. These gaskets are made from 99% Pure Copper and are carefully machined to ensure uniform flatness.

Copper Head Gaskets

Recommended Applications: With O-Rings, Ultra High-Boost Turbo

Copper Head Gaskets have been used in competition engines for decades, and when combined with steel O-Rings, have proven themselves where other gaskets have failed. Made from 99% Pure Copper, these gaskets feature bead seal on both sides to ensure proper water jacket sealing. It is important to note that these are not a drop-in component; unlike MLS and Cut Ring Head Gaskets, Copper Head Gaskets require a skillful machine shop capable of installing O-Rings into the block or cylinder head to ensure proper sealing. 

Copper Head Gaskets can be installed in engines with or without a receiver groove. For Ultra High-Boost Applications, a receiver groove is recommended.

As the cylinder head is clamped down onto the engine block, the Copper Head Gasket conforms to the O-Ring in the cylinder Head or Block to form a secure seal around the combustion chamber. 

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