Amber Di Giorgi at FuelFest 2024

Amber Di Giorgi at FuelFest 2024

5150-Sponsored Driver Amber Di Giorgi enjoyed a busy weekend spreading smiles at the February 24th, 2024 FuelFest event in West Palm Beach, Florida. Chosen by the US Drift Circuit from over 150 applicants, Amber was one of 73 featured drivers, offering guests ride-alongs in her drift E36 all day long. 

5150 Driver Amber Di Giorgi at FuelFest 2024

FuelFest 2024 was massive, with over 830 cars on display, 73 drift cars sliding all day, 523 spectator ride-alongs, over 40 interactive brand exhibits, and more than 20,000 enthusiasts in attendance.

We couldn't be more proud of Amber for participating in an event that fosters such a strong, positive gathering of the car community, aligning with 5150's goal to celebrate and give back to the car culture we love. 

5150 Driver Amber Di Giorgi Drifter

Amber inspires us with her dedication to the automotive community, encouraging women to feel represented and welcome in the performance world as a driver and working to support women in STEM as a professional.

For those who are unfamiliar with the event, FuelFest features the top modified, exotic, performance-built, and rare cars from across the globe. The event also features live entertainment and performances, celebrity appearances, and raises funds for the Reach Out Worldwide organization. Sponsors included LiquiMoly, Yokohama Tire, and Nissan USA. 

Thank you to Amber for representing 5150 AutoSport and to everyone who participated in making this such a memorable event!

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