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SuperTech 9600 Valvetrain Kit, BMW S54

SuperTech 9600 Valvetrain Kit, BMW S54

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Tired of facing shim-related problems with your S54 engine? Well, WORRY NO MORE!!! Supertech has introduced a specially designed valvetrain kit that effectively eliminates the risk of OEM valve shim failure, valve float, or coil bind. With this upgraded, you can confidently push your RPMs to an impressive 9600.

We have extensively tested this product on various setups in both our drivers' and customers' cars, achieving successful RPMs of up to 9600. However, it's crucial to remember that reaching such high RPM levels requires proper tuning

The kit includes:

  • 12x Single groove Intake Valves
  • 12x Single groove Inconel Exhaust Valves 
  • 24x Valve Spring Seats
  • 24x Dual springs 
  • 24x Titanium retainers 
  • 24x Lash caps
  • 48x Valve lock/keepers 

    The kit includes 4mm lash caps. The engine builder must adjust the valve lash accordingly.

Standard Size is 35mm Intake / 30.5mm Exhaust

Option 36mm Intake/31.5mm Exhaust requires a VANOS Elimination Kit

To ensure optimal performance and safety, make sure to pair our hardware with the appropriate tuning package. By doing so, you can effortlessly reach your desired RPM goals without encountering any issues. Check out below videos of some awesome S54 setups!

Michal Reichert's E92 M3 powered with a turbo S54 1100+HP

 Michael Essa's E46 M3 powered with an S54 Turbo 1200WHP. 

Dany's Naturally Aspirated S54 Hill Climb Build  


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